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Potential MHC Coaches

Welcome to the Meramec Hockey Coaches Corner and thank you for your interest in coaching and commitment to the kids and our club. We have provided information on our coaching program requirements -- including USA and MO Hockey requirements, MHC policies and applications. If you have questions, please contact me directly via email anytime. Please have all of the following complete or in-progress to be considered for a coaching position.

Coaching Requirements

(head coach, assistants, and on-ice help)

1. MHC:

All interested coaches (both new and returning coaches) are required to complete and fill out a coaching application for the fall hockey season. Coaching online application link will be available May 1 and needs to be completed by July 1st of calendar year.

Note: Please note that application does not guarantee placement. All candidates will be evaluated and the MHC Board has the final decision on assignments.





Steps to Become a USA Hockey Coach

USA Hockey and the Coaching Education Program require both certification and registration to be eligible to coach. Registration is done online on a yearly basis. Certification is also required. A few basic steps requirements are as follows:

USA Hockey Requirements (Must be completed before participating in any team activities)

  • Register as a member of USA Hockey. (Cost is $46 plus any affiliate fees if applicable). Click here for more information.  (Required every year, and will not be allowed on ice or participate with team activities until this is completed)
  • Complete the background screening. Click Here (Cost is $30 - Required every 2 years, and will not be allowed on ice or participate with team activities until this is completed)           
  • Complete the USA Hockey Safe Sport Training. (Required every year and cannot be added to a roster until completed). Click here for more information.                         
  • Complete the online age-specific module(s) for the age level of play you are coaching. (Cost is $10 per module and only needs to be completed once per age level. Must be completed PRIOR to participating in any team activities and cannot be added to a roster until completed) Click here to register for the modules.

Coaching Education Program Certification (CEP) Clinic Requirements (Must be completed by Dec. 31)

  • Find, register and attend the required certification clinic. (Cost is $50. You can only attend one clinic per season and all coaches start at Level 1. (The coaching clinic season for Levels 1-3 officially runs from September 1 to December 31). Click here to locate a clinic.

Student Coaches


Student Coach Regulations (bench during games and on-ice help)

A player between the ages of 13 and 17 who is currently properly registered with USA Hockey may serve as a student coach under the following conditions:

  • Must attend a training session conducted by the local hockey association. Student coaches are not eligible to attend a CEP certification clinic for certification. They may audit a clinic but they do not receive certification credit, nor are they required to pay for the clinic. He/she will need to contact the instructor directly as he/she will not be able to register online due to the age restriction in place.
  • Will need to complete Safesport and Background Screening if turning 18 during the year in which they are coaching.
  • Must always be under the supervision of a carded, screened adult coach during all practices, clinics, try-outs, and in the locker room.
  • May help out at practices, clinics, try-outs only. (May not participate as a player in scrimmages or games when acting as a STUDENT COACH).
  • May not act as the head coach or an assistant coach during practices or games.
  • May be on the bench during games with an adult. The STUDENT COACH will count as one of the maximum of four Team Officials allowed on the bench.
  • Must wear a helmet with full face shield, gloves, and skates while on the ice. Must wear helmet during games while on the bench.
  • May only work with players at least one full playing age level down (e.g., a 14U age player may act as a STUDENT COACH at the 12U, 10U or 8U level).
  • The organization that is using the STUDENT COACH must provide a form indicating on what team he/she is participating as a student coach, and, if applicable, what team he/she is properly registered/rostered as a player. A model form can be found by clicking on the link above This form stays with the association.
  • Upon reaching the age of 18, the STUDENT COACH must comply with the USA Hockey Screening Program and meet the USA Hockey Coaching Education Program requirements which will qualify him/her to act as an assistant or head coach.

USA Hockey Student Coach Information Form

USA Hockey Student Coach Presentation

Coaching Links:


Missouri Hockey Youth Division: Coach webpage

MHC Coaching Policies

Mandatory Helmet Policy: All ice hockey coaches and instructors must wear a helmet during all on-ice sessions, including practices, controlled scrimmages and coach and referee clinics (seminars).

Coach Selection: All Coaching candidate applications will be reviewed by MHC board and will be approved by MHC board members and the Coaching Director. Above all else we expect our coaches to be a positive model for our teams and our club. Negative behavior including yelling at players during practices or games will not be tolerated.

  • Head Coach placement is based on experience and qualifications. Parent Coaches are allowed but will not be placed into a coaching position until the players have completed evaluations and have been placed on teams. MHC has expectations of time commitment for all coaches especially Head Coaches. The Head Coach position requires a considerable amount of time. Please keep this in consideration if you decide to accept a head coaching position. As a head coach you will not be required to complete volunteer hours or concession stand duties.
  • Assistant Coach placement will be assigned teams the same as the head coaches. We expect the coaches to work together and complement each other throughout the season. Assistant coaches are held to the same standards as our head coaches when it comes to being a positive role model and commitment to the team. As a rostered assistant coach you will not be required to complete volunteer hours.

Coaching Evaluations: All coaches will be evaluated by the parents of the team. These evaluations will be reviewed with the coaches to identify both positive attributes as well as the areas where we can improve. Coaches can also be observed throughout the year by MHC board members and coaching director. The observations and reviews will be used in future placement considerations.

Coaches Code of Conduct: All coaches and on-ice assistants will abide by the MHC Coaches Code of Conduct. As a coach you are expected to represent MHC in a professional manner at all times. Breach of the Coaches Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary measures such as game suspensions up to an including the removal of the head coach, assistant coach or on-ice assistant from the coaching staff.

Benefits: All parent coaches are strictly volunteer and do not receive any payment, any reduction of fees, or any travel cost reimbursement. In addition, all costs associated with obtaining your coaching CEP, age specific module completion, annual USA Hockey registration or background check are also not reimbursed.

Questions: For all questions about coaching at Meramec Hockey Club, please contact:

Steve Bereitschaft

Coaching Director

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